Dienstag, 10. Mai 2011

Bad news about C&C!

Even before we knew it, its already over. Electronic Arts developed a new game, Command & Conquers Arena. C&C Arena was canceled by unknown reasons.

The Command & Conquers universe has become a pronounced history. It was one of the first games at his genre. The fans provided a steady increase.  At this moment, Electronic Arts are bragging with a canceled trailer of the new C&C Arena. In the following video i show you a battle between the GDI and the NOD, who are fighting with the new vehicles in the ARENA!

I think that the C&C universe is a part of my childhood, but the last C&C games were lame and boring. The idea of an arena, where the parties fighting funny and interesting. For the moment there is no hope for C&C Arena, but i hope that Electronic Arts restore the good face of the C&C universe.

Montag, 9. Mai 2011

Portal 2 Game review

I bought a new game. It is called Portal 2. Before i started playing, i thought the game will be a revised version of Portal. The Same story without a renewal. Did they really create to bring the Story on a next level, if they bearth life in Portal 2?

All in all, there are not much stupid Puzzles or a new character, but now the story deserves to called a story. The story mode is now longer as the version of the predecessor. Now you got an artificially aide on the way across the sadistic KI enemys and the sound recordings are very nice, if he want to talk with you or try to fight. And for the german gamers: Brad Pitt talks to you! ZOMFG!:D In Portal 1 you were limited in the area, but now you got a open world map with a very nice grafic design. 
The story told you more and more, how the Scientists get freaky. And now i get to the end and the last point of my review are laserradiate! They got laserradiate!

I dont find any point to gripe in Portal 2. Its a very successful game.

Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest - Legendary Staff WoW

Yesterday, blizzard showed us the new Legendary Staff! The Staff is mainly for DamageDealer. In the following video you will see the finaly Staff and the two templates. 

To get this DamageDealer Staff, you must to 14 Quests which are similar to the Shadowmourne Quests.
If you wanne see the first possibilities of the quests, you can see it on the following link.

I found the Idee of a mainly DamageDealer Staff nice. Want do you think?

Special Thanks at: Wowheadnews and MMO Champion.

Samstag, 7. Mai 2011

Nefarian 25 Heroic!

We defeated Nefarian for two days. We needed more then 100trys. I think, Nefarian is not comparable to the Lichking, becouse Nefarian is easier then the Lichking. Both are a endbosses of the instance and for both you need much time to kill. At the Nefarian trys is it easier to correct your fails. All in all, i will show you an very good videoguide about the boss. Special thanks at TankSpot!!! I think the she got a nice voice=P
In this guide you see 6 healer, but we recommend 6-8 Healers.
If you think that the Lichking 25 Heroic was easier to kill then Nefarian, then write a comment=P
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